Feeling Stagnant in Life?

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I’ve often talked about the energies of love versus fear. When we move forward based on the energy of love, energy that feels good, we move into flow with our Higher Self. When we move forward based on the energy of fear, energy that doesn’t feel good, we’re moving away from our Higher Self.

It really is this simple.

Good feeling thoughts/emotions = Higher Self.
Bad feeling thoughts/emotions = Not in alignment with our Higher Self.

And with this said, I’ve come across an excerpt from a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, that I felt explained this concept well: If you were to sit on your foot and cut off the circulation of the flow of blood, or if you were to put a tourniquet around your neck and restrict the flow of oxygen, you would feel immediate evidence of the restriction. And, in like manner, when you think thoughts that are not in harmony with the thoughts of your Inner Being, the flow of Life Force, or Energy, that comes into your physical body is stifled or restricted… And the result of that restriction is you feel negative emotion.

At all times, we are either moving into alignment, or we are restricting ourselves from alignment, with our highest good.

And the gauge to know if we are on the right path or not is our thoughts and emotions.

If you are feeling stagnant in your life, observe the combination of your thoughts and emotions.

Are you thinking of the past, or are you thinking of your dreams and desires? You cannot create the future you want if you are still rooted in your past. Thoughts of the past will only recreate the past.

Also observe how you generally feel. Do you feel sad and resentful? Or do you feel hopeful and accepting? Hopeful and accepting fall under the energies of love. And they will align you with your Higher Self.

Becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions, and deliberately changing them to good ones – even if just a little better than they were before – will move us closer to alignment with what we desire.

Don’t wait for life to bring you out of the feeling of stagnation. Life is only responding to you. It is up to you to deliberately choose the thoughts and emotions you want to feel.

We have to feel it from the inside before it will express itself on the outside.

If you are a meditator, you have an advantage to this concept. The awareness we gain from our meditation practice will help immensely when we want to deliberately create the life we want.

At each moment, you are creating your future moment(s). And the more present you are with your thoughts and emotions, the better you can deliberately create the future you want.

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