A Good Relationship with Food

Hello Newsletter Family!

With today’s video, I talk to you about a new way to look at food and mealtime.

In order to do that, I need to first talk about energy.

Everything is comprised of energy. We are energy. Our thoughts and emotions emit an energy. And the food that we consume is an energy as well.

The food that we consume takes energy from the soil and sun to grow, and therefore give us energy and nourishment. Every mealtime or snack-time becomes an exchange of energy between us and our food.

And when it comes to us and energy, it is either a feeling of lightness or heaviness. Feelings such as guilt have a heaviness to them. Feelings such as gratitude and enjoyment have a lightness to them.

So, when we sit down for our meal or snack, no matter what we are eating, if we bring gratitude and enjoyment to that mealtime, we bring lightness to it.

Some foods, such as fried food, have a feeling of heaviness to them. But even with fried food, our energy overpowers the energy of the food. If we are in gratitude and joy, we can still eat the fried food and feel light.

The reason is when we have a feeling of lightness around our meals, we are also more in connection with our body. We can feel the signal of fulfillment much better if we are light. So we know when to stop eating our food… This could be after a few bites, or after we have completed the full plate.

When we bring heavy energy to mealtime, we are not as in tune with our body. This is one reason we should not eat while stressed out or feeling frustrated.

And we should never feel guilty about the food we are consuming. When we are in such states, it is like a shield we create between us and our bodies. We do not feel the signal of fulfillment as efficiently.

When we bring lightness to mealtimes, it also allows for better flow and digestion of our food. Whether we eat a fruit salad or a hamburger, it still needs to digest. And feeling light will aide in this digestion.

This is another reason why our energy is so much more important than the energy of the food.

One of the enjoyments of life is food.

There are so many ways to enjoy food: sitting in restaurants with varieties of choices, sharing good conversations during meals, cooking the food at home, trying different cuisines from different countries or growing a garden in our home property.

Why create negative emotions around something that is supposed to be so simple and joyful?

Might as well take our time and enjoy everything about food and mealtimes.

And the energy underlying this enjoyment is in our hands. Everything else is just the cherry on top.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the message of this newsletter, I welcome you to share it with them.

I wish each of you a wonderful week!

With Gratitude,


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