New Meditation Release

Hello Newsletter Family!

I have a new meditation being released on January 18th, on Podcast. It will also be released on Insight Timer. However, I do not have a release date from them yet. They usually take 5-10 days to release a meditation from the date of uploading it.

Once Insight Timer releases the new meditation, I will make the announcement on social media. Links to my social media accounts can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Please note: This meditation is not the one I had mentioned in last week’s newsletter… (The one that I was on a recording deadline with Insight Timer). That one is actually a ten-day course. And I will share more information about that in next week’s newsletter.

Let’s talk about the new meditation being released…

It is titled Balancing Your Chakras.

Our seven chakras, or energy centers, are an important part of our existence.

Each of the seven chakras have their own frequency, color and purpose for our life. Imagine each of them as a vortex of energy, working to serve a significant intention.

The energy within our chakras are needed for everything from our creativity, to setting boundaries with other people, to our spiritual growth.

Ideally, our chakras need to be in balance at all times. And frequently, they are not. And when the formless energy within us is off balance, it will reflect onto our external world.

It is important to make a connection with each chakra, understand it’s purpose and align it into balance.

And that is what we will be doing in this meditation.

While you are sitting in meditation, I will guide you through each energy center (chakra), explain its purpose and color, and allow you to make a connection with it. This connection will bring your energy center back into balance.

The world of the formless, our internal world, is so vast and powerful. And the more we understand the various dimensions of our internal world, the more our external life will be enhanced.

Our external life is a reflection of our internal world.

This is a single meditation, not a series.

And I look forward to sharing this meditation with you!

A side note: I will be back in the recording studio this Friday, recording the next meditation – a series. It takes a while from recording to release. Once it is ready to go, I look forward to sharing that series with you.

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I wish each of you a blessed week!

With Gratitude,