New Meditation Release

Hello Newsletter Family!

We are releasing a new meditation titled Manifesting Your Dreams. It is different than the previous meditations, because this is a single meditation, not a series.

The release date of this meditation will be 20th of October, on Podcast. Once Insight Timer releases it as well, I will make the announcement on social media. You can find links to my social media accounts at the bottom of this newsletter.

There are different angles to take when it comes to manifesting our dreams. In this meditation, I walk you through one very important angle: Understanding the importance of your thoughts plus your feelings when desiring an outcome.

Our mind loves to project fear and doubt when we think about our dreams. However, these only become a hindrance and block us from moving forward.

In this meditation, we work through breaking free from these negative states of mind. And then feel the outcome/situation/person we’d like to become.

Thoughts and feelings are formless. And we need to lay a good foundation with the formless before life will give way to the form.

Formless always precedes form. Everything is an idea before it becomes tangible. And the energy we give to the formless (thoughts and feelings) is so crucial.

I suggest doing this meditation repeatedly through time. Because the mind does not adjust right away. Since the mind loves habits, it takes it time to adjust to a new way of being.

Also, in last week’s newsletter, I shared a video that is an accompaniment to this meditation. In the video, I present another angle to manifesting our dreams. The link for last week’s newsletter is:

A note about upcoming meditations:
Next month we will be releasing another meditation. That one is single as well, not a series. I have the inspiration for another series. And my goal is to release that series in early 2018.

We also believe this meditation, Manifesting Your Dreams could be turned into a series. So you may see that sometime in 2018.

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I wish each of you an enchanting week!

With Gratitude,